Friday, February 1, 2013

Mark Twain...

We are proud to be different. We have never been the cool guys that got all the girls or vise versa. We preferred to take the hard right over the easy wrong. We... have never followed the crowd. We choose to be the way we are because we know that deep down it is the right thing to do. It may be unpopular to serve with honor, to fight evil, and to sacrifice things we hold dear so that others may live in peace. It may not be popular to stand for what you believe for fear that it will offend someone, say for believing in God. When someone has no enemies, they have never stood for anything.

We have given so much, and are always willing to give again. We are the ones that FORCE change. We do not sit by and hope for anything. We make it happen, popular or not. We do not accept anything but the truth. We are warriors. We are patriots. We are Americans.

It is never the popular ones that succeed in the end. They die alone, cold, and empty. We who have lived with honor, and known the meaning of sacrifice shall die with smiles on our faces. Like heroes going home.

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